The Classroom is Complete!

We have the final update for the school in Malawi, and it’s great news, the classroom is finished! The Zikomo Trust has been working hard to ensure all the construction is completed, ensuring it’s ready to get the children in and learning.

As we mentioned before, many of the children’s education is weather dependent as they learn outside under a tree, when it rains it means no lessons for the children. This classroom will ensure the children have access to an education rain or shine. This classroom will ensure that 240 children have access to learning everyday.

The pictures are amazing and the school looks fantastic! The transformation is unbelievable.

Here at the Foundation we’re pleased to have been a part of such a rewarding project and this is not the end of our partnership with the Zikomo Trust. The work Barry and team have carried out in Malawi has been life changing for those involved, giving the children a stepping stone to achieve their dreams.


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Building Better Futures


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