South Asian Heritage Month

On the 18th August we celebrated South Asian Heritage Month in style. We asked colleagues to sport the brightest clothes they owned, turning the office into a rainbow of colours. Lunch time came around and the celebration started.

The food was the star of the show, we all know the way to someone’s heart is through their belly. We enjoyed a chickpea curry teamed with a roti, samosas, spring rolls and onion bhajis. Packed full of flavour!

We had a lovely artist come into the office and decorate everyones hand in a beautiful henna design. Colleagues were queuing round the office, waiting for their turn.

We enjoyed some lovely asian music, which tied the whole lunch time together, really immersing ourselves in the culture.

We asked colleagues to donate £1 which went towards the Foundation, as a small fundraising element.

Thank you to everyone that got involved and celebrated with us!


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Building Better Futures


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