Self-Care Care Packages Make a Meaningful Impact

At our annual Foundation Dinner we opted to assemble self-care packages instead of the customary favours for our guests. This decision not only aligned seamlessly with the core spirit of our event but also echoed the profound mission championed by our Parklane Foundation.

In alignment with our 2024 charity theme spotlighting homelessness, we take great pride in announcing the donation of these thoughtfully curated packages to two local Leeds charities: St George’s Crypt and Simon on the Streets.

Each meticulously prepared pack contains essential items such as beanies, dental care products, shampoo, body wash, and soap. While these may seem like everyday items, they carry immense value for those in need, providing access to fundamental hygiene and care facilities that are often taken for granted.

On Friday 15th December the team delivered the packages to the two very grateful charities. The Parklane Foundation left with a feeling of hope and anticipation for the positive impact these packages would make in the lives of those experiencing homelessness in the city over the cold, winter months.

The indispensable work undertaken by organisations like St George’s Crypt and Simon on the Streets in Leeds plays a pivotal role in supporting our homeless community. It is a profound honour for us to stand in solidarity with them, offering support to ensure the continuity of their remarkable efforts.

We cannot wait to work together during 2024 and help together with these charities to make a meaningful difference to people’s lives - all together campaigning and fundraising to combat homelessness.


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