Parklane Foundation Visits Leeds City College

During the month of December and January, we were honoured to be invited back down to Leeds City College. The aim was to empower two student groups, each armed with a £100 budget, to creatively raise funds while gaining essential skills in teamwork, marketing, and event planning.

The Parklane Foundation, known for its commitment to community development, played a pivotal role in guiding the students through this fundraising task. Foundation Director Hanif Malik spearheaded two insightful sessions, offering students a comprehensive understanding of the foundation's mission and sharing valuable information on successfully completing the task at hand. These sessions not only provided a glimpse into The Foundation's work, but also motivated and inspired the students to make the most of the opportunity.

Recognising the importance of effective promotion, the Parklane Group's marketing team stepped in to provide valuable insights to the student groups. With two dedicated sessions, the marketing team shared tips and strategies on how to create compelling posters, leverage social media platforms, and maximise outreach. Armed with this knowledge, the students were well-equipped to ensure their fundraising efforts reached a wider audience.

One noteworthy aspect of this initiative was the diverse background of the participating students. Hailing from different countries, English was not the first language for many. Despite this, the students demonstrated remarkable enthusiasm and commitment to the task at hand. The collaboration between the Parklane Foundation and Leeds City College showcased the power of diversity and inclusion in fostering creativity and innovation.

The student groups organised a plethora of engaging events to generate funds, ranging from traditional bake sales to captivating gymnastic performances. The variety in their approaches highlighted the students' ability to think outside the box and tailor their initiatives to different interests within the college community. The events not only raised funds but also brought the student body together, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie.

The Parklane Foundation expressed immense pleasure in supporting the students throughout this fundraising journey. Knowing that their efforts contributed to the students' growth and success was particularly rewarding for the Foundation. The collaboration between the Foundation, the college, and the students exemplifies the positive impact that community partnerships can have on education and personal development.


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