Parklane Foundation: Christmas Toy Appeal

Christmas for many is all about spending time with family and friends, eating lots of food and reminiscing on the previous year. For children it’s all about racing downstairs and seeing what's under the tree on Christmas Day morning. Yet unfortunately for many kids, the prospect of presents under the tree remains uncertain due to the harsh reality of the ongoing cost of living crisis.

This year, the Parklane Foundation proudly hosted gifting trees as part of a Christmas Toy Appeal. The Parklane Foundation has partnered with Broomfield Special Education Needs School located in Leeds to bring the magic of the season to children who might have otherwise gone without.

The concept was simple: colleagues, family and friends were invited to contribute to our gifting trees by donating a present suitable for a child aged 2 to 19. It was a small act that made a world of difference in brightening a child's Christmas.

Here's how the Parklane Group got involved and became a part of this heartwarming initiative:

  1. Choosing the Perfect Gift
    People selected gifts that they thought children would love. From toys to books, puzzles to art supplies, anything that sparked joy and suited a child's age between 2 and 19 was welcome.

  2. Adding a Tag for Guidance
    They attached a gift tag indicating the suitable age range for the gift and if it was specifically for boys, girls, or unisex. This helped to match presents to the right recipients and ensured every child got a gift they adored.

  3. Dropping Off Gifts
    People brought their wrapped presents and placed them under the gifting trees at our donation points located at numerous Parklane Group offices and venues.

  4. Spreading Joy Together
    A Parklane Foundation team of dedicated "elves" collected the gifts and ensured they reached the deserving children in time for the festive celebrations.

    The joy of giving was unparalleled, especially during the holiday season. Every contribution, no matter how big or small, brought smiles to the faces of these children and made their Christmas brighter.

    Everyone has come together, embracing the spirit of generosity, and made Christmas a truly magical time for every child in the partnership with Broomfield Special Education Needs School.

    Thank you for supporting The Parklane Foundation's Christmas Toy Appeal and helping to spread the joy of the season!


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