Our Chosen Charities of 2022-2023

This year at The Parklane Foundation we have three chosen Charities of the year, which all support the same cause. They are Dementia UK, Alzheimer’s Society and Leeds Hospitals Charity. The family and the Parklane Group are dedicated to supporting those who are directly impacted by these illnesses and supporting the sufferer's family and friends.

Dementia UK is the specialist dementia nurse charity, their nurses are known as Admiral Nurses they offer continual support and develop, provide life-changing care for families affected by all forms of dementia - including Alzheimer’s disease. The Admiral Nurses are dementia specialists, they can help families manage complex needs, consider the person living with dementia and those around them and can advise healthcare professionals. They are able to give control back to those who are struggling, and help people living with dementia to stay independent for longer.

Alzheimer's Society is a virtual source of support and a powerful force of change for everyone affected by dementia. While dementia is such a varied disease, the Dementia Advisers have a wide depth of knowledge combined with dedication and passion to help provide personalised solutions for those who need it, making a real difference for them and their carers. They offer everyone that Adviser on the other end of the phone.

Leeds Hospitals Charity supports Leeds Teaching Hospitals to make a real difference for patients, families and staff. Their mission is to support the Teaching Hospitals in their aim to to deliver the best care to patients and their families, this is done through working together with everyone involved. One of their areas of work is Yorkshire Brain Appeal, they are dedicated to funding research into brain diseases with a particular focus on Epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Dementia and Alzehemier’s.

We are excited to work alongside these charity partners in 2022-2023, not only raise money but awareness for the work they carry out and the cause they are doing it for. Watch this space!


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