Leeds City College Visit

After our previous visit down to Leeds City College, we were delighted that they asked us back. They were in preparation for their international day, a day which celebrates all their home countries and cultures.

The task was to create a presentation which showcases different aspects of their home country. This included the language they speak, the currency, the weather, a famous person from their country etc.

The first week, our marketing department went down and helped them with their presentations, this was the overall look and design. Ensuring the content was visible to the audience, making sure the text wasn’t lost in the background. Giving the students advice on what images to use.

The second week, the Roomzzz Sales team went down to help out the students. They shared insightful information about how to present, how to engage with the audience and make sure all the information they wanted to share was clear. They also gave advice on how to answer questions which they might receive on the day. Everyone gets nervous but it’s all about controlling them. Some students took turns to present, and receive feedback from the team.

Being able to give advice and guidance to these students is a great experience. They truly are inspirational. They are able to articulate themselves and present confidently, you wouldn’t know English isn’t their first language. They continue to put the effort in. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with the students and learning from them too.


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