Charities of the Year 2024

Following the successful culmination of our annual Foundation event, we proudly unveiled our selected charities for 2024, centring our focus on the critical issue of homelessness. As a property-centric enterprise, The Parklane Group recognises the profound importance of our corporate social responsibility, particularly in addressing the needs of those who lack the privilege of a secure home.

Building upon our previous approach, we've extended our support to three charities this year, encompassing both a nationwide organisation and two local initiatives based in Leeds.

Our first partnership is with Crisis, a nationwide charity dedicated to aiding individuals experiencing homelessness. Crisis operates year-round across 12 locations in the country. Our past collaboration with Crisis involved providing complimentary room nights at our London Stratford Roomzzz Aparthotel, aiding their staff during their winter campaign. Beyond direct assistance, Crisis advocates for systemic changes to address the persistent issue of homelessness.

The second partnership is with a locally run homeless charity in Leeds who The Parklane Foundation have a long history of working together. The work first started when the company founder, Mr Ahmed housed homeless people in his first property back in 1977. St. George's Crypt stands as a beacon of support for the homeless, vulnerable, and those battling addiction. Their comprehensive services include providing three daily meals, showers, counselling, and a nurturing community atmosphere. With a legacy dating back to the 1930s, they've made monumental strides, including the construction of self-contained flats for individuals combating addiction, embodying their unwavering commitment to aiding those in need and helping them reintegrate back into society.

The third partnership is a relatively new working relationship. Simon on the Streets, operates across Leeds, Bradford, and Huddersfield. Their outreach services directly engage with individuals on the streets, ensuring vital support reaches those who might not seek assistance elsewhere. Their tireless efforts span throughout the day and into the night, reaching out to the most vulnerable during the darkest hours.

It brings us immense joy and pride to join forces with these three remarkable charities, each making an indelible impact on the lives of those experiencing homelessness. Through our collective efforts, we aim to drive meaningful change and offer genuine support to these vital causes.


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